Hey, This Looks Gross. (The Ice Cream Edition)

By Andrew Blumetti

Crap news everyonesummer’s pretty much kaput.

Nearly a week into September and as the calendar inches closer and closer to greet autumn, the telltale signs of the season around us are awfully difficult to miss.

The glowing evening sun drops a bit earlier now into the snowcone-colored horizon, the sound of giggling children running around under a sprinker in the warm afternoon heat is absent, the once brightly-blooming red and pink flowers have become less thirsty, the whistle blow is about to kick off the new football season, and spooky Halloween costumes and decorations have started to fill the aisles of the local Party City.

In no time, we’ll be pouring glasses of tangy apple cider, raking crunchy leaves, and carving scary faces into big bumpy pumpkins.

Ready or not, we’re on a head-on collision with fall.

Another all-too obvious sign– the nighttime mercury is slowly dipping lower and lower as the days pass.  Granted, it’s not quite chilly enough yet for the polar bears to come around to raise their frosty paw to greet you hello, but a cool smack in the face when you’re used to mild temperatures and air conditioning for the past four months.

There’s still time to enjoy some warm afternoons, but caution you jacket-wearing haters, it’s a warning sign;  a realization for all of us to take that last gulp of a dwindling summer, because it’s going to be totally gone before we have time to blink.   Before you know it, the Jets will be 0-6, it’ll be dark at 5pm, and Jenny McCarthy will be a daily fixture on The View.  Better pop the top down on that convertible and enjoy the breeze, blast some Beach Boys, enjoy wearing shorts, and enjoy one more delicious summer ice cream cone while you still can.

Just tread carefully– As the warmth dies down and the frozen treat business begins to hit the autumnal breaks, the ice cream parlors may have a slightly weaker selection than we were used to back in the balmy summer months.

Be prepared like a boy scout, and have a backup flavor on hand, cause if you get to that counter, taste buds all ready and mouth salivating, just to find out strawberry’s done for the season, you may be stuck with one of these disgusting dairy disasters:


(For part one of the “Hey, This Looks Gross.” series, “The Gummy Edition”, click here.)



Yuck Factor:  5

Why’s it So Gross?:  In the crustacean world, this pinchy red fella reigns supreme.  He brings the “turf” in a surf and turf platter, makes for a costly dinner, and looks mighty delicious… despite his hard-to-avoid spider-ish features.

Well, at one Phoenix ice cream parlor, its “Maine” attraction is a fresh ocean-caught lobster… mixed with milk, cream and ice, and stuffed in a cone for you to suffer through for three licks, just to have an ice breaker story to use on girls at cocktail parties.

I guess it could be worse… lobster is tasty after all, but if you can’t wear a bib, what’s the point really?



Yuck Factor:  3

Why’s it So Gross?:  Because you belong in soup!  Or at least being hidden in some bratty kid’s napkin so his parents think he willingly eats his veggies.

Also, pay attention, because if “pea” on the sign is a typo and should’ve been spelled “pee”, you’re in for a world of disappointment…  and nonstop vomiting.



Yuck Factor:  10

Why’s it So Gross?:  Saddle up!  This is the surefire winner at the Kent-yucky Derby…

This slop sure makes pea ice cream sound like a Heaven-sent treat, doesn’t it?   I don’t know what country serves this equine mess, but the vanilla and chocolate have to be just plain terrible to have to resort to chomping on Mr. Ed for a refreshing summer treat.

Run like Secretariat in the other direction.



Yuck Factor:  4

Why’s it So Gross?:  Warning:  If you’re gonna have an interview with this vampire, you may want to wear a gas mask.

Makes you wonder how bad the breath was on the cows who provided this milk.  The whole Twilight vamp-trend has gotten way out of hand when we’ve stooped to this level.

Actually, putting Dracula’s name on the carton is a bit of a head-scratcher, seeing as how this is the last thing he’d want in his freezer, right?  It’d go perfectly right next to a bag of Sun Chips, steaks, and the “Silver Bullet”- a can of Coors.

The big downfall to this stinky dessert is that aside from keeping vampires away, it’ll keep the ladies at an even further distance.  Fangs for nothing!



Yuck Factor:  0

Why’s it So Gross?:  I don’t know if it is actually.  Bacon rarely lets you down, and despite the initial reaction to the strange taste marriage, this might boil down to some simple cardiac-nightmare food math:

bacon = delicious

ice cream = delicious

bacon ice cream = delicious

… and this timeless quote from John Travolta’s lips to your ears:

“…but bacon tastes good, pork chops taste good…”Vincent Vega, Pulp Fiction

Pass me a spoon.



Yuck Factor:  8

Why’s it So Gross?:  Hey, Willy didn’t get freed just to end up on a cone at a Friendly’s in the Far East.  This might have sold better if they used a clever name like “ShaMOO”.  Ya know, a whale with a cow?

(insert elbow nudge)

Move over Fudgie the Whale.

Oh, don’t start spouting out judgment on me now.

Thank you, thank you, please tip your waitress.



Yuck Factor:  9

Why’s it So Gross?:   Look, not to be mean, but I don’t want to listen to the guy’s music, why would I want to eat his ice cream?

Wait… what’s that?

Correction: It’s just come to my attention this is actually referring to a cicada, the nasty ear-shattering humming bug with the wings the size of a coffee table, not Jon Secada, the Latin pop singer.

Hmmm, well, that really changes…  well, nothing.



Yuck Factor:  3

Why’s it So Gross?:  Let’s crack open the fortune cookie–  Confucius says:  If the goal of your dessert is to eat it, get full, then become hungry an hour later, this is the frozen treat for you.

Eater beware- soy sauce may look like chocolate syrup, but tastes like pure concentrated salt.  This stuff will have you downing water till the cows come home.  And of course when the cows come home, they’ll just make more stupid soy sauce ice cream.

It’s a vicious cycle really. 



Yuck Factor:  7

Why’s it So Grossssssssss? (see what I did there?):  “I’m sick of these $@#! Snakes on this $@#! plate!

FACT: In Tokyo, nine out of ten times when someone vomits, it’s followed by, “Man, it must’ve been that snake ice cream I had earlier”. 

Apparently, this is considered an aphrodisiac in Japan, but they also gave us Yankees pitcher Kei Igawa, so I don’t know what to believe anymore. 



Yuck Factor:  1

Why’s it So Gross?:  It’s not gross, but more deadly to be accurate.  Honestly, do you really want your eventual coroner’s report to read like this?

The deceased choked to death when their airway sealed up from a razor-sharp bay leaf that never softened.  The bay leaf was inside ice cream they willingly purchased, level of sobriety being questionable at best.  So it’s a safe bet the deceased was not too bright in the first place.  No real loss.”



Yuck Factor:  8

Why’s it So Gross?:  You know these X’s and O’s stand for anything but kisses and hugs.

Do we really need a reason why this stinks?  Throw a dart, and you’ll hit either of the magic words–

1.  “ox”

2.  “tongue”

Because nothing screams out “refreshing treat” like another tongue touching yours. Bring the whole family!



Yuck Factor:  11, 12, 13… Don’t stop counting actually…

Why’s it So Gross?:  I never thought I’d have to say these words:  I’d rather eat a whole gallon of horse flesh ice cream before I touch this heinous stuff.

Some boob (huddla huddla) in London decided this was a good idea to serve, but there’s a microscopic chance this people-food doesn’t come back up and end up painting the tile floor in seconds.

I also read that Lady Gaga became angry about the name, “Baby Gaga” and considered a law suit against the makers of this scream-worthy ice cream.

Makes sense, we wouldn’t want anything weird to be associated with Lady Gaga. 


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34 responses to “Hey, This Looks Gross. (The Ice Cream Edition)

  1. I hit the ‘Like’ button because I enjoy your humor and your writing. Don’t send me a carton of any one of these frozen items. Yuck City has finally reached the burbs.

    Football, one of the largest religions in the state of Texas has begun. Cooler temps? No, we are six weeks away from that and then we drift into Indian Summer. Rain fell on so many and with it, a whole lot of pain and sorrow, but not in Texas. It is drier by the day, lake levels, excessively low.
    If I had a convertible I’d leave the roof up until I hit upstate New York, or Canada.

    But back to your frozen ‘treats’ and their yuck factor. The fresh horse meat made me cry. I wonder who in their right mind would consume Mr. Ed’s relative? And, did they at least remove his hooves for use at the glue factory?
    So many questions, so wrong to even ask them.
    Thought provoking, as always.

  2. After reading this, I think I can completely say that I am happy I have never really liked ice cream or bacon for that matter!!

  3. I agree with you on every gross flavor, each one funnier than the next, and I LOVE ice cream! I may never think of it in the same way again. 🙂

  4. Well done in accumulating this list. There is a special place for the creator of each one. Made me snarf my coffee.

    • Thanks Kimberly!

      If I could make just one person snarf, I’ll have done my job.

      P.S.- Thank you very much for the kind words! …and for allowing me to use the very underrated word, “snarf”, twice in a conversation. Good gravy, how I love to use that word…


      • True. It does have a certain je ne sais quoi.

        P.S. I linked my most recent post at 50figment to this post. Had to seize the opportunity to make my friends snarf too; much like when you pass the questionable milk to your friend saying, “Does this taste funny to you?”

      • Thanks very much! I really appreciate the mention!

        And pay the snarf forward! Words to live by!

        Happy Monday,

  5. Pingback: Which Came First | 50: A Figment of My Imagination

  6. That bacon ice-cream sounds good. The others not so much 😉

    • Last summer, Burger King had a limited run of a “bacon sundae”. Basically your run-of-the-mill hot fudge sundae, but with a couple strips of bacon thrown on top. The fast food junkie in me couldn’t let it pass me by, so I proudly (a little too much) bought one– It was absolutely delicious! The combination of flavors worked really well. If this bacon ice cream is half that good, I’m making a road trip- I’ll pick you up some!

      Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated!

  7. Green pea ice cream?!?! LOL 😀 What a great post!

  8. I agree,Willy didn’t get freed just to end up on a cone at a Friendly’s in the Far East. I’m in stitches as usual 🙂

  9. It doesn’t seem like Baskin Robin’s or Dairy Queen had to resort to being gross to attract business, but most of these flavors probably weren’t liked by ANYbody (and I include the foreign ones)! Funny and gross post (now THERE’S a winning combination!)!

  10. Reblogged this on readful things blog and commented:
    Okay, I am a British/Romanian Girl and he had Draculea Garlic Ice Cream. Really, If you haven’t met this guy yet, you want to.

  11. Some of these international ones are more than gross, but we eat some strange combo too, like balsamic vinegar, and lilac.

    • Interesting! I do love balsamic vinegar, and while the ice cream sounds different, I don’t think I could pass up the opportunity. I’m gonna have to add it to the bucket list!

      Thanks for the comment!


  12. Reblogged this on Some of my favourite posts and commented:
    This is enough to put me off my ice cream. Well, almost…..

  13. You provided many smiles and laughs; just don’t take away my chocolate chip!
    thanks for following!

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