Inappropriate Movie Moments… in Microsoft Paint, Vol. I

By Andrew Blumetti

You know the old cliched saying– “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Well, if that ‘ol gem rings true, the next couple of weeks oughta be worth two or three dozen, easy.

Here’s an attempt to contribute to the internet being just a bit more time-wasting.  It’s time to give the typing a rest for a spell as I proudly present to you the first in a series that shows just what happens when some of your favorite cringe-worthy moments ever put to film meets the most groundbreaking technology of 1992.

It’s time for…




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19 responses to “Inappropriate Movie Moments… in Microsoft Paint, Vol. I

  1. When. I think inappropriate is an understatement. Look forward to the next.

  2. Yeah, one of my all-time fave cringe-worthy moments from one of my all-time fave cringe-worthy movies.

    (But the colors are so pretty… ;o)

  3. You’re pretty nifty with that Paint tool, Andrew! 🙂

  4. I think it captures that moment.
    And I must confess that’s my favorite line of that movie.

  5. The drawing skills are awe inspiring.

  6. I really like your version better than the original!

  7. I must admit, that picture is dead on. Dare I say…even better than the original?

  8. LMAO. Marvin should have ducked as soon as Vincent turned around to ask him a question with a gun in his face.

  9. Hahah this series is brilliant buddy 🙂

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