Inappropriate Movie Moments… in Microsoft Paint, Vol. IV


November 14, 2013 · 8:05 AM

15 responses to “Inappropriate Movie Moments… in Microsoft Paint, Vol. IV

  1. Oh. My. God. I had a conversation with my daughter just last night about this scene, as we are watching the Sopranos (my third time, her virgin first) and Tony did something similar to the scuzzball who came on to Meadow in the restaurant, ‘Cept he didn’t kill him.

    Like, you’d want to live after someone did that to you? Bleh.

    • Yes! I remember that! I’m sure you can relate to watching The Sopranos and knowing the real place every violent scene was filmed, like, “hey, that’s the Chili’s on Route 17!” Haha

      • Yes! This time around I noticed the parking lot at Wayne Town Center. And I’m all, “Look Natalie! Look where that is!” Like that makes me special.


        By the way – I live walking distance from Holsten’s where the last scene was filmed. I went in there Sunday night and asked them which was the infamous booth. I’m one episode away from the end. Now I’ve something else to mourn ;o(

      • It was such a great series though, and living in this area, we are really lucky to know and be able to recognize and have a connection to the area and scenery!

        Hey, on the plus side, if you live close to Holsten’s, then you’re also only a short drive away from Gencarelli’s Bakery, and such delicious baked goods can always cheer you up!

  2. That was intense man. Really intense. Excellent Paint work though.

  3. Wow, what a scene to make someone cringe… even in Paint!

  4. Scarlet

    I love your taste in films 🙂

  5. Excellent work capturing the “jackedness” of Ed Norton and the shitty braids of whoever played the dead guy.

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