Inappropriate Movie Moments… in Microsoft Paint, Vol. VII


November 19, 2013 · 7:05 AM

13 responses to “Inappropriate Movie Moments… in Microsoft Paint, Vol. VII

  1. You’re getting to be quite good with the MS Paint :-).

  2. That was an awful scene!! I hated it – he was so mean!! LOL – love Roger and Jessica back there – she looks spot on!

    • Thanks! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spend ample time researching Jessica Rabbit pictures to get it just right.

      That scene still bums me out, even after all these years, that poor shoe did nothing! Haha

  3. Jumping_Jenny_444

    I love “who framed roger rabbit”!! This was one of my childhood favorites. Judge doom always freaked me out though, lol!

  4. Scarlet

    Not sure I know this one, and I promise not to make a cheese reference – oops just did :p

  5. It’s no fun when I don’t them ;o( (But for some weird reason, I recognize Jessica. Go figure. ;o)

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