Inappropriate Movie Moments… in Microsoft Paint, Vol. X

paint my girl


November 22, 2013 · 8:02 AM

16 responses to “Inappropriate Movie Moments… in Microsoft Paint, Vol. X

  1. Hmmm…I’ll have to forego any wittiness here as I don’t know what this is…(I’d say something about cheese, but I don’t want to steal another commenter’s line ;o)

  2. I’ve actually never seen this movie! And quite honestly, I don’t plan on seeing it anytime soon.

    • You should! Not that it’s a masterpiece or particularly uplifting, but for no other reason than Dan Aykroyd is in it.

      • I tried to reply to this twice from my phone… what a pain in my ass!

        I had NO idea he was in the movie! Do you remember that really bizarre movie “Nothing But Trouble” that he was in??

      • YES! I was so excited to see that when I was younger. Aykroyd plus John Candy AND Chevy Chase? Sign me up! Unfortunately, I was 11, the F-word was uttered on screen, and the tape was promptly shut off and returned to the video store, haha.

  3. Scarlet

    I’m not familiar with the film but any time Macaulay is threatened by death is a viewing must 🙂

  4. Wow, well, unlike some above, I’m familiar with this movie and this made me seriously lol. Well played!

    • Thanks Patty! I appreciate it- always glad when I can make someone chuckle! I gotta admit, I laughed while making it, cause, well, Macaulay Culkin survived two Christmas attacks by burglars, yet a simple beehive ended up spelling his doom.

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