The Drink Knight: The Saga of Super Grover and Gatorade

By Andrew Blumetti

“I am whatever Sesame needs me to be.”


Ringo Starr…

Judy Winslow…

The guys in Aerosmith who aren’t Steven Tyler or Joe Perry…

Sometimes you’re just that guy.

There’s a street, and while the name screams out a magical land of bagel toppings, it’s actually a place where jovial fur-covered monsters teach us our ABC’s, our 123’s, and the importance of sharing a bathtub with just that special rubber ducky.

♪  Can you tell me how to get… how to get to Sesame Street?  ♪

Practice, practice, practice, and stick your hand up a puppet’s keister. 

Too bad there’s only so many colors in the rainbow, because if you reside at 123 in the brownstone-laden land of Sesame Street, and you’re the blue monster who’s not Cookie Monster, then you’re that guy.  And your name is Grover.

“What does ‘nom-nom’ even mean?!?”

I Got the Sesame Street Blues

While loveable and time-tested, being the second most popular blue Muppet means naturally, you’re gonna lash out to be noticed.   So, when everyone and their grandmother is waxing poetic over that gravel-voiced, pre-diabetic Oreo-muncher, you spill some soup, toss out contractions completely from your vocabulary, pop on a cape, and hurl yourself out the window, cause you’re the redheaded blueheaded stepchild, and you’re getting some attention, come cookies or high water.


He’s loveable, he means well, and he crashes more often than the Obamacare website.   Heck, he even took time out of his busy schedule to protect our Thanksgiving from evil tryptophan and blowout Detroit Lions games.

Soaring like an eagle, Super Grover protects the skies of Gotham… on Turkey Day.

And if by this point something just looks slightly familiar about Super Grover, replenish those lost electrolytes and take a gander at this, gander-takers…


There’s a storm a-brewin’ and the forecast calls for a 100% chance of lightning bolts.  They’re flashing all over Sesame Street and they’re leaving huge smoking craters all over the football field.  This is a chicken-and-egg situation so gigantic, it’s like Big Bird squated his feathery-yellow self down and popped out a massive omelette right in front of us.

“Snuffy, breakfast is on me today!”


Be Like Mike


Simple answer to this origin… history lesson!   But unfortunately, this thirst-quenching quest isn’t really that cut and dry…

Gatorade, America’s most popular sports drink, founded on the campus of The University of Florida in 1965, and currently owned by PepsiCo., has incorporated the lightning bolt into it’s advertising since 1970.   Despite that, with a number of logo redesigns, it wasn’t until 2009 that the current “G-Series” logo was introduced with the bolt included.

Super Grover, the alter-ego of the Sesame Street character was introduced in the 1970’s, and used the “G” logo similar to the Gatorade font for decades, but it wasn’t until a 2010 re-branding that a lightning bolt was added to his costume.

So, while Gatorade was the first to use the lightning bolt, at the same time, Sesame Street can lay claim to the “G”.  All of this nonsensical circular research is really enough to make you feel winded and sweaty.

“After all of this flying, I am going to need many sips of Riptide Rush to feel quenched!”


Lemon Lime or Lemon LIES?!?

So, if no one can officially produce concrete proof of placing their flag into the soil, it sunk in… maybe this is some kind of clever tie-in?  Maybe coincidences are for squares… Cahoots!  Cahoots I say!

After contacting both parties involved, here’s what I received back:



Thanks for writing to us. While I can’t comment on other consumer feedback, I can tell you that there is no official tie in between Gatorade and Super Grover.

I hope this helps.

Gatorade Consumer Relations
A Division of PepsiCo

(sent on January 5, 2014)


No reply.   (as of January 10, 2014)


Well, crap.

“All of this reading and things are still fishy!”

So, all that work, and where does that bring us?

Gatorade can weave a clever yarn, but it’s impossible to overlook these little coincidences

  • As recently as 2011, Sesame Place ran an on-can promotion with Pepsi, Gatorade’s parent company…

Well, I guess there has to be some kind of reward for suffering through a can of Diet Pepsi…

  • Sesame Street characters, Elmo and Abby Cadabby appeared in a segment with Los Angeles Laker, Kobe Bryant, who has appeared in Gatorade commercials as recently as last year…

“Elmo help fix Kobe’s broken knee!”

  • Last year, Diet Pepsi used actress Sofia Vergara in a campaign.  Sofia Vergara is essentially evolving into a giant, jiggly, impossible-to-understand, cartoonish Colombian Muppet as each day passes. 



With Sesame’s tight-lipped stance, perhaps we’ll never know if this sports beverage and this puppet superhero are in bed together.  Despite what Gatorade’s official statement is, like it or lump it, kids plopped in front of the tellie will know that lightning bolt, and when they cramp up on the soccer field this spring, we all know what beverage they’ll be handed first.   To quote Ned Flanders, while this remains foggy, I’ll remain a bit of a “Suspocious Aloysius”.

In a year’s time, when we’re treated to “Grover Grape” flavor Gatorade, we’ll all know where that marriage began.

Looks like Oscar’s flavor is still not confirmed yet.



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15 responses to “The Drink Knight: The Saga of Super Grover and Gatorade

  1. Jumping_Jenny_444

    Wow, you definitely did a lot of research! It’s too bad you didn’t hear anything back from Sesame Street. Loved this blog post though–your wittiness makes me laugh! 😀

  2. First off, I love Grover! Always have! Secondly – wow, you did some work for this one! Work that never would have dawned on me even needed done! LOL. Good job!

  3. Love. Your creativity knows no bounds.

  4. Ummm, my spaghetti-spilling friend is doing under-the-radar endorsements? Or subtly selling the Gatorade “G”? And please don’t knock Sophia Vergara. I WISH I could look like her–all long, flowy hair, curvy hips and gorgeous face (and she seems nice!). Funny post!

    • Thanks very much! I appreciate it!

      Haha, oh no, trust me, Sofia Vergara is funny and quite easy on the eyes, I think my jabs are like the little kid pulling the girl’s pigtails on the school playground.

  5. Okay, that post was the best 2014 blog post we’ve read to date!!! Now, this is a true dilemma. I fear a company as large as Pepsi/Gatorade will gobble poor Grover up & not think twice about throwing him under the bus when the time comes to claim creative credit & originality. If you are right, and there is some hidden marriage between the two, then all we have to say is we don’t want to see the baby that’s forged form a harry, blue wannabe superhero puppet & Gatorade, the drink of champions. Then again, they’ve been looking for the origins of snuffleupagus for decades….hmm….could it be? Perhaps at the same time they release the blue lighting bolt with the union, the truth will come out about the elephant that’s been a giant Question mark for so many years. The love child of Grover & Gatorade finally comes forth! Mama…da da!!! Love this post & sharing it now!!!

    • This was a fantastic comment, and it made me very happy to see. I appreciate it very much!

      You know, I was thinking, by contacting the companies, I may end up stirring up some kind of lawsuit, in which I’ll have to go on the stand and get intensely grilled by Grover’s lawyer, who is probably Bert.

      Thanks again!

  6. I don’t know how the hell you think up this stuff but keep it comin’! ;o)

  7. Chelsea

    I just watched an episode of Sesame Street with my daughter that had a straight up bottle of Gatorade in it. I don’t know the exact episode but the lady who adopted her baby was having lunch outside with her baby. And a bottle of Gatorade was right there on the table (presumably for the adult to drink…not the baby).

  8. I am glad I am not the only one. Every time my kids watch Sesame street I can’t help but think Gatorade has some subtle product placement to brainwash our children as they learn their ABCs. The Drink of superheros! In fact just now after the Grover segment my five-year old goes to the fridge and asks if he can have some gatorade. (Strange things are afoot at the circle-k) I actually just google gatorade logo super grover to see if I was the only crazy person who thinks this.

  9. Lizzy

    Im glad to see Im not the only person that noticed the Grover’s play on “The Bat Signal”, looks exactly like the Gatorade logo.

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